Pariz Holding in the Iran-Russia 1402 trade fair

The big business conference of Iran and Russia was held on 27th and 28th of September 1402 in Espinas Hotel in Tehran in order to develop business relations. In this conference, representatives of 70 Iranian companies, including Paris Holding, and 300 Russian companies in 9 different sectors, including industry, technology, petrochemicals, and agriculture, held face-to-face business meetings.

Paris Holding's foreign trade team at the Iran-Russia conference

In this conference, the foreign trade team of Paris Holding conducted negotiations with companies active in the field of agriculture and chemicals such as seeds of Stavropol, Intheme Lab, IRRICO Holding, Media shift in order to develop business relations with Russia and improve the business goals of the holding.

According to the public relations report of Paris Holding, these negotiations have reached significant results and have included the satisfaction of the parties.

تیم بازرگانی هلدینگ پاریز در همایش تجاری ایران و روسیه
تیم بازرگانی هلدینگ پاریز در همایش ایران روسیه

Speakers of Iran-Russia business conference

In this conference, Kazem Jalali, Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Moscow, Alireza Peyman Pak, Director General of Trade Development Organization, gave a speech.

Next, Sergi Katrin, the head of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of the Russian Federation, gave a speech.

She mentioned the capacities of economic and commercial cooperation between Iran and Russia, especially in the current situation.

حضور هلدینگ پاریز در همایش تجاری ایران و روسیه

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