Petropariz Sabz Alborz in agricultural inputs exhibitions 1402

Petropariz Sabz Alborz is an importer and distributor of the best world-class agricultural inputs, as well as a producer of high-quality licensed products.

This year, this company participated in specialized exhibitions of agricultural inputs that were held in Faizabad and Gorgan cities.

Petropariz Sabz Alborz in Faiz Abad National Pistachio Festival

The second national Pistachio Festival of Faiz Abad (Pearl of the Desert) was held in the presence of a group of officials of the Ministry of Agricultural Jihad and agricultural activists in Faiz Abad city of Razavi Khorasan.

In this festival, the deputy of horticulture affairs of the Ministry of Jihad Agriculture, the head of the Commodity Exchange Organization, the head of the country’s plant protection organization, agricultural activists from Fars, Kerman, Razavi, North and South Khorasan provinces were present.

Also, a group of officials, the head of the agricultural jihad, the governors of Khorasan Razavi province, the people’s representatives, Torbat Heydarieh and Zaveh participated in the Islamic Council and the farmers of this city.

This company unveiled its Supermax brand in this festival, which was the second national pistachio festival.

In this festival, gardeners, professors, students and provincial and national officials visited the Supermax booth and its products.

Also, in this exhibition, experts and representatives presented their latest scientific achievements, the result of years of fieldwork in the field of agriculture, especially pistachio trees, to the public.

These achievements were in the field of correct and principled nutrition management of Faizabad pistachio trees, pest and disease control and pistachio food calendar with Supermax products.


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Specialized exhibition of Golestan agricultural inputs

The 10th specialized exhibition of agricultural inputs (seeds, fertilizers and pesticides) was held on October 25-28 in Gorgan, and Petropariz Sabz Alborz, a subsidiary of Paris Holding, participated in this exhibition.

At the same time, the 21st specialized exhibition of livestock and poultry industry (fisheries, aquatics and related industries) and the 6th specialized exhibition of gardening tools/greenhouses/machines and related industries were held.

In this exhibition, this company unveiled its Supermax, Pronice, Montana, Humictop, Eurogreen and Grunberg brands.

In this exhibition, farmers, professors, students, provincial officials, elites of the agricultural sector and the general public visited the products of this company and discussed with experts.

پتروپاریز سبز البرز

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Experts and technical and sales managers of Petropariz Sabz Alborz shared their scientific and research experiences in agricultural supply with farmers, students, professors and the general public.

Unveiling the best world-class products (fertilizers), meeting the needs of farmers and helping them in better management of plant nutrition and control of diseases and pests of fields was one of the goals of this company.

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