Conference on the path of knowledge-based export (Armenia) 1402

On the occasion of Mehr 29, National Export Day, the conference “On the path of knowledge-based export” was held to familiarize knowledge-based companies with the Armenian market. This conference started today, Sunday, October 30, for two days in person and virtually. Petropariz Sabz Alborz Company attended this conference. The first day of this conference was […]

Pariz Holding in the Iran-Russia 1402 trade fair

The big business conference of Iran and Russia was held on 27th and 28th of September 1402 in Espinas Hotel in Tehran in order to develop business relations. In this conference, representatives of 70 Iranian companies, including Pariz Holding, and 300 Russian companies in 9 different sectors, including industry, technology, petrochemicals, and agriculture, held face-to-face […]